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Carcassonne : Over Hill and Dale

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A clever tile-laying game for 2 to 5 players, ages 7 and up.

Take in the magnificent scenery of this vast countryside by hiking a trail surrounded by fruit trees, wheat fields, and sunflowers! You'll be unable to resist the juicy apples and sweet strawberries you'll find along the way.

This rustic new variant of Carcassonne is alive with interesting decisions and intriguing tactics. Gathering a fine harvest, traveling far and wide, and taking care of your animals is reward enough, but it might just win you the game!

They say agriculture is the most noble employment of man, and Carcassonne:

Over Hill and Dale wanted to offer players the gratifying feeling of providing for the people. In this new game, towns and castles make room for fields of fruits and vegetables. Collect them all, build stables to house animals, and walk down a hill to make even more points!

7 years

2-5 players

35 min

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