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This deck enables you to field all second wave miniatures for Deadzone, including Asterians, Forge Fathers and new models for the Enforcers, Plague, Marauders and Rebs. Also includes cards for all mercenary releases to date.

This set contains cards for:

All existing mercenaries, including The Helfather, Wrath and Recon Unit N32-19

Upcoming named characters, including Bjarn Starnafall, Sergeant Howlett and Eddak P’mera.

Enforcer Reinforcements, including Enforcer Peacekeepers, Enforcer Pathfinder, Enforcer Pathfinder on bike and Recon Drone

Vehicles, including GR77 Strider, Plague GR77 Strider, Rebs GR75 Strider, Marauder Stuntbot and Forge Father Iron Ancestor.

Plague Stage 3Z (zombies!)

DreadBall Strider, Jack and Guard for the special MVP scenario in Nexus Psi.

1 Mantic Point

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