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FOW Lapsis Cluster Starter Deck: Vampiric Hunger

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Lapis Cluster Starter Deck : Vampiric Hunger

Drain your enemies to strengthen yourself!

This is a pre-built deck including a quick-rules guide, a rulebook, a playsheet, 3 Curse of the Frozen Casket Booster packs, 2 special 6-sided Force of Will dice and 51 cards in a ready-to-play deck:

1x Ally of the Black Moon / Eternal Vampire, Mikage Seijuro

4x Blood of the Mikage

4x Castle of Oni

4x Faithful Hellhound

4x Heaven Bound

4x Momotaro of the Sanzu River

4x Oni Strike

4x Power Absortion

4x Shara, Third Daughter of the Mikage

4x The Drunken Oni

4x The Monkey Trapped in Life

10x Darkness Magic Stone

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