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Labrynth Exp: Goblins!

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When you open the box you will find five beautifully sculpted miniatures and 5 cards that can be added into the deck to change the Labyrinth game.

From here on in you will have two choices, either you can forge on as before using the new models to replace the standees that come with the Labyrinth game, making your Labyrinth experience more immersive but not changing any rules. Your second option is to replace some cards of the Labyrinth deck with Goblin cards giving you a chance to encounter the mischievous blighters throughout the game. A goblin on the game board cannot be travelled past unless they are defeated adding a new set of choices whenever you decide which way to go, don’t let yourself be hemmed in!


5x Highly Collectible Goblin Figurines (3x Infantry, 1x Cavalry, 1x Artillery)

5x New Labyrinth Cards

1x Rules Leaflet

Please note: Models are supplied unpainted. This is an expansion for Labyrinth - The Board Game. You will need a copy of the board game to use the contents of this set.

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