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MTG themed Wooden Deck Box (120 sleeved)

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A NEW Basically Wooden DECK BOX - MTG icons beautifully engraved on the lid makes this the perfect deck box for one of the most popular collectible card games....

It can comfortably hold 120 standard-sized cards with protective sleeves, which is ideal for most tournament-level decks and their sideboards!

Unlike cardboard or plastic boxes, this gorgeous, practical box is sturdy and will protect your collection from damage.

Our Deck Box is made from 3.6mm hardwood ply - designed and made by us in our Herefordshire workshop - carefully lasercut before assembly and finished with eco-friendly varnish.

The top closing mechanism is cleverly designed to ensure the top stays closed until you carefully pull back the top tab to release the lid. Slide the lid back onto the box without worrying about catching the cards which are stacked neatly in the inner sleeve.

Measures 105mm high x 65mm deep x 85mm wide. Perfect for your deck!

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