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Oznat, Morat Hunting Regiment (Vulkan Shotgun)

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Hunting is the stellar sport of the Morats. It is their training for war. However, in order to hunt down the enormous, extremely dangerous predators of Ugarat, their native planet, the Morats have developed a system of hunting with scouts, where cooperation among several teams of hunters allows them to overpower prey that would be impossible for a single hunter to handle alone.

Within a Morat hunting party, the duty of scouts consists of setting some small, trained predators onto the prey to harass them, weaken them, and lead them towards the place where the skilled hunters are found so they can end its life. Within Morat military tradition, the Oznats (groups of hunters and scouts) have been widely used in combat throughout its violent history. Because of this, when the EI brought The Hungries from the gate of hell where they were found, the Morats could see the tactical value of this organized group of fearful creatures being led perfectly in battle by one of the skillful Oznat hunters

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