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Parliament Cavalry (12)

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There are few more iconic images of the English Civil Wars than the grim-faced lobster pot helmed, buff-coated Parliamentarian Ironside.

Parliament cavalry cut a fearsome appearance on the Civil war battlefield. For offensive purposes they could be armed with a good stout broadsword, two long flintlock pistols and sometimes a carbine. This reflected their tactical use on the field, often drawn up six deep, using their carbines, and then their pistols, in the Dutch fashion, to pepper the enemy with shot and then and only then close with the sword.

When it worked it worked well, but crushing defeats by the dashing Cavaliers led to Cromwell reorganising his horse regiments and playing the Royalists at their own game.

Warlord Games Parliament cavalry are equipped with sword and pistol, in addition to carbines and poleaxes. The boxed set also contains standards for Parliament regiments and the Thirty Years War Swedish army .

The Box contains:

12 mounted Cavalrymen

Set of 6 cornets 4 English Civil War and 2 Thirty Years War.

Set of Bases

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