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Pegasus Warhammer: Underworlds Relic format Q4.5 (2nd Nov)

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There will be no Glass Trophy here.

This will be Relic format, so feel free to bring those old warband decks (and of course the new ones!).

This event will be to something for the our players to look forwards to before the next season hits.

It will also give players the chance to win some of the card sets from previous Championships.

It's also an excuse to get some Underworlds games in too ofc!

£5 entry

12 places (only a bought ticket guarantees a place and is non-refundable up to 48 hours prior)

FAQ's lock on the Saturday before.

As mentioned previously, prizes are a bit different this time around:

- The winner will recieve a spiteclaws swarm warband!

- Starting from the winner and filtering down each participant will be able to pick 2 warband alt art promo cards plus their corresponding activation token sets from previous quarters.

- all paticipants will recieve 8 different alt art power/ objective cards.

- All players will recieve a D4 (ideal for turn markers).

- Please bear in mind *Banned and **Restricted cards (listed below).

- A deck list is required or just turn up early to show the TO your deck

- Alternatively use the current deck builder:


10:45 - 11:00 - Arrive, submit decklist

11:00 - 12:30 - Round 1

12:30 - 13:00 - Lunch (local amenities)

13:00 - 14:30 - Round 2

14:30 - 16:00 - Round 3

16:00 - 17:30 - Round 4

17:30 - 18:00 - receive prizes and go home

*where rounds finish early there may be an opportunity to start the next round early

* Banned Cards (do not include these in your deck for organised play)


Great Concussion (Shadespire #329)

Quick Thinker (Shadespire #347)

Time Trap (Shadespire #368)


Extreme Flank (Nightvault #317)

** Restriced Cards (you may only include five total cards from this list and they must be marked when handing a deck list in)


Advancing Strike (Shadespire #234)

Alone in the Darkness (Shadespire #235)

Change of Tactics (Shadespire #243)

Defensive Strike (Shadespire #252)

Escalation (Shadespire #257)

Fired Up (Nightvault #319)

Loner (Nightvault #342)

Longstrider (Nightvault #343)

Perfect Planning (Shadespire #280)

Precise Use of Force (Shadespire #284)

Superior Tactician (Shadespire #291)


Earthquake (Shadespire #321)

Illusory Fighter (Shadespire #332)

My Turn (Shadespire #343)

Pit Trap (Nightvault #436)

Ready for Action (Shadespire #348)

Trap (Shadespire #369)

Twist the Knife (Shadespire #372)


A Destiny to Meet (Shadespire #373)

Awakened Weapon (Shadespire #376)

Deathly Fortitude (Shadespire #384)

Helpful Whispers (Shadespire #393)

Incredible Strength (Shadespire #395)

Shadeglass Dagger (Shadespire #410)

Shadeglass Hammer (Shadespire #412)

Slumbering Key (Nightvault #539)

Soultrap (Shadespire #420)

Sudden Growth (Nightvault #543)

Tethered Spirit (Shadespire #424)

Tome of Offerings (Nightvault #550)

Sudden Growth (Nightvault #543)

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