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Pokemon TCG: Battle Academy

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Wanna be the master? The best that ever was? Every need to start somewhere and the Battle Academy set is a great place to start on your journey to become a master of Pokemon: TCG.

This set contains everything for two players to begin their Pokemon: TCG journey, including:

• Three specially constructed decks featuring Raichu GX, Charizard GX and Mewtwo GX – the Raichu and Charizard decks will help you get started, but when you get more confident you can unleash the might of Mewtwo!

• Step by step guides to the Raichu and Charizard decks, showing you how to get the best out of each deck and its Pokemon, trainer and energy cards.

• A rulebook to guide you through your continuing adventure in the Pokemon: TCG.

• A durable two-player board to battle on.

• A metallic coin to be use in-game.

• Damage counters, Poisoned and Burned markers and GX tokens for two players.

• A code card for use with the Online TCG.

Good luck, trainer, and may Arceus’ blessings be with you!

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