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Royalist Cavalry (12)

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Royalist cavalry earned a well deserved reputation for ferocity from their first clash with their Parliament foes at Powick Bridge in September1642 to the last major battles of the Civil wars.

Inspired by commanders such as Prince Rupert of the Rhine, Cavalier cavalry adopted a style of charge that overwhelmed their opponents in the early war years. Drawn up only three deep, their tactic was to approach steadily then spur their horses into the enemy at a gallop, not using their pistols until they literally pressed the muzzles against the bodies of the Roundhead troopers!

Well led, well motivated, and superbly mounted, the Royalist horse was the terror of the battlefield, until Parliament learned how to stop the ferocious charges and turn Royalist indiscipline against them. Warlord Games presents their Royalists with all manner of options. You can equip them in helmets or hats and arm them with swords, pistols or even carbines and poleaxes. We include standards for Royalist regiments and the Imperial amy in the Thirty Years War.

12 mounted Cavalrymen

Set of 6 cornets 4 English Civil War and 2 Thirty Years War.

Set of Bases

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