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The Resistance is a complex, characterful and
disparate assortment of human survivors on the Cradle Worlds and Earth
itself, currently occupied by the dreaded alien Scourge. The very
existence of the Resistance has shaped UCM military planning for its
Reconquest, which became a war of liberation rather than simply a war of
revenge as soon as they were discovered. Indeed, the Resistance alone
are responsible for a reconquest being possible at all, as they were
able to activate and maintain foldspace nodes on all but one of the
Cradle Worlds, allowing UCM invasion fleets to jump to their locations
accurately. Theirs is a tale of loss, grit and determination to survive
in the face of insurmountable odds.

We have already seen how the Resistance on Eden Prime
evolved from a cowering group of shell-shocked survivors into a viable
(if fragmented) fighting force. The example of Eden Prime can be
considered as a general model for the progression of Resistance
societies across all the Cradle Worlds and Earth itself. However, the
most noticeable aspect that separates the Resistance from all other
combatants is their diversity.

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