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You wish for some wisdom on the Alchemists? Stay
clear of the green smoke … and do not be in the landing area when the
flasks begin to fly.

- Obulus, Captain, Mortician’s Guild

Alchemists’ play style is one of force projection.
They utilise a lot of AOE to control space and deny their opponents
manoeuvrability. Their combo play comes from layering AOEs and
generating huge areas of danger across the pitch.

They are quick on their feet and capable with the
ball, but not as resilient in combat as other teams. They excel in the
early to mid-game due to their ability to cover a good amount of space.

Alchemists will reward players who can anticipate
their opponent’s plans and block them through good placement and
positioning of models and effects. On offense, Alchemists can use their
AOEs almost as additional models in order to restrict the counter play
options of their opponent. No one wants to charge the Alchemist with the
ball if you have to go through an acid cloud!

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