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Isn’t anything less stoppable in this world, than
a man deep in his cups who cares nothing for his own safety …

- Ox , Captain, Butcher’s Guild

Brewers are tanky. Plain and simple, they are
incredible at soaking damage up.

But their play style is more than just being hit.
They excel in late game as they generally have superior numbers left at
this point, but their mid-game is also strong due to their knockdowns
and board control.

Not the most synergistic in terms of combo play, they
do enjoy some degree of team buffing. Brewers generate the most momentum
when pushing opponents in to and out of position with buffeting blows
and plays.

Relatively slow up and down the field, the Brewers
rely on long reach weapons and easy access to pushes and knockdowns,
thereby giving them huge board presence and control.

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